Shop On The Spot Products

The Goal

When SEQR has grown into a multichannel client app, a decision was made to substract the retail part from the app as an independent, stand alone product. The idea was based on a new approach to building features, based on modular elements stack together in the same Android ecosystem. Modules work together creating a product, that is easy to expand and easy to modify. Shopspot app was a playground to our developers and business team to see how viable this solution is and how strong is the business case for this stand alone product.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to extract the Shop On The Spot feature, which was an integral part of the app into a stand alone product and make it fast. Also, we wanted to keep the core feature of the store which was a QR Code / In-App payment for all items listed in Shopspot and to make it as easy and seamless as possible for the user.

The Solution

We have decided to build to access channels to the store, one via web and one in-app. Since Shopspot was going to use webviews for its content, we could design one solution that fits both purposes – a RWD website with a scalable content that would be easy to navigate inside the app.

The App

Shopspot app was build based on our previous experience with SEQR app. We have decided to use a similar user experience patterns along with the same feel-and-look shared with our core product to create an ecosystem of satellite apps that would share the same core values of the brand.