Seqr App

The Product

Seqr is a B2C mobile app for money transfers and contactless payments worldwide. Founded in Sweden as a part of a Seamless Payments Group, Seqr has developed into a multinational company with a strong presence on number of European markets such as Sweden, Belgium, Germany, UK and Finland.

It was designed to serve multiple purposes such as splinting restaurant bills with your friends and purchasing items straight from a bus stop posters via QR codes. In Seqr we have also provided Parking service for quick parking payments in association with QPark. Users were provided with number of payment options such as an in-app prepaid account, credit account with Seqr, or a personal bank account connected directly with the app. 

In 2016 SEQR was one of the first FinTech comapnies to introduce contactless payments via smartfones.

The Features - Tap & Pay

The Concept

Tap & Pay feature was released to the market in early 2016, short after Android Pay was introduced (late 2015) and with Apple Pay limited to very few markets and providers. The feature was based on our own backend, independent from banks or third party services. Our main partner in this project was Mastercard. We have been working very closely with Mastercard team to deliver a viable, working solution to the market.

The Research

While lacking reliable benchmarks for this particular service (back then Android Pay was still in development at Google) we have focused on delivering a new benchmark on our own. The feature had to be compliant with our backend to process all the payments, compliant with Mastercard requirements, EU laws and e-money license agreements. On top of all those things, the flow needed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Execution and evaluation

We have started to test the feature before it went public. Our developers were building test environments for designated devices and Design team was providing prototypes for user testing. Field tests in stores and shops were conducted between January and March 2016. We have measured error rate and time for each payment. With a big help from our developers, we were able to deal with all problems and errors before going public with the service.

In co-operation with Mastercard, Seqr has released Tap & Pay feature to all European markets in March 2016. Initially Seqr was targeting its service to Sweden and UK. After successful testing period, another rollout for Belgium, Germany and Portugal has been made.

The Features - Masterpass

Design and execution

A large number of Seqr users, who adopted Seqr contactless payments, triggered in another partnership with Mastercard and releasing Masterpass payments for Seqr in 2017. Adding Seqr as a payment option to Masterpass wallet was a huge step forward when it comes to range and recognition for the brand.

In-app process was based on Mastercard’s guidelines for service implementation, however Seqr’s own solutions were very unique. Therefore we have been working very closely with Mastercard team to deliver a viable feature, crafted for Seqr users. At the same time we still had to prioritise Mastercard’s guides to meet our partner’s requirements.

After few months of development, Masterpass has become one more payment option for all Seqr users in all markets.