WeAreLagom are extremely talented when it comes to UX/UI for mobile. Their product management skills are advanced and innovative. With exceptional workflow habits, they are able to look at the bigger picture and can offer exactly what you need.

Dominique TillemannHead of Communications @ Glase

Lagom’s branding and mobile design skills are top notch. Their outstanding project management contributed to a speedy and successful outcome. I loved how they focussed on the details and how they were able to go beyond expectations with the final product.

Liam O'ConnorUX/UI Lead @ Verizon

Working with Lagom on creating a logo and brand identity for Glase Fintech AB was a thrill from the beginning. “WOW! This is so exactly what we want but still so different than we thought.” We love the way Lagom found the essence of the company’s origin and the Norse Mythology.

Annika BloméCEO @ Glase

What is Lagom?

Lagom is a swedish word that describes scandinavian phillosophy of living, working and enjoying life. It means „just enough”. No too little, not too much. Just enough to cook a great meal with simple ingredients, to take great journeys planning only the first step. Lagom is a time spent with your family and friends, it is also focusing on what you love and admire when you work.  It is to be in a perfect balance between all the things that surround us.

Lagom is also our design philosophy. Not too little and not too much. Just enough to create friendly and beautiful products and brands. We provide high quality, professional services, with no smoke screens around what we do. Our quotes reflect exactly the amount of time we need to provide you with a beautiful branding or a great, user friendly app design. We manage our projects lagom, to be both efficient and transparent with our clients when it comes to estimations, changes and final touches.

We respect our clients and we expect the same from them.

We are Lagom.